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About Bob Rehill & Associates

Bob Rehill & Associates bring you an alternative option to traditional resourcing approaches. We provide highly-experienced and business focussed transformation projects and programme professionals who are referred to us through our trusted network and personally vetted by our CEO & Founder, Bob. Our success is built on Bob’s continued hands-on delivery, together with a collaborative and engaging approach with business stakeholders at all levels.

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What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take our word for how well our consultancy performs, we are proud to have numerous recommendations and testaments for our work. Here are a few things our clients say:

I have worked closely with Bob during the Separation Programme. Bob very quickly understands requirements and effortlessly finds solutions while engaging and keeping stakeholders and team members involved. He is a fantastic leader who instils confidence in his teams, at the same time making it a fun environment to work in. Bob is one of the most calm, focused and driven people I know and I would certainly recommend working with him.

Our challenge was full of ‘newness’ and impossible timescales. In that environment most consultants step back and clarify their deliverables, to ensure no blame hits them if things go wrong. The outstanding attribute of Bob is that he did the opposite. He stepped in and delivered when others stepped back. He was more committed to the success of the overall project/mission than many permanent employees

I worked with Bob as the Change and Transition Manager. Bob came into the project at a difficult time and very quickly understood the issues before he even officially ‘arrived’. He always went the extra mile to deliver.

I take the time to recommend Bob because without his leadership and contribution we would never have successfully separated our HR function and facilitated the successful IPO from our Parent Group.

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